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Boneless Bangus


Fresh from Dagupan, this milkfish is submerged in a unique combination of flavors & spices before deep-fried to a crispy golden perfection.

Chicken Barbecue


¼ Premium Chicken, bathed and pre-grilled in its essences before basted with a sweet tangy barbecue sauce.



Choice-cut pork, pre-grilled and flavored with Rufo’s special home-made Liempo marinade. Served hot with a side order of sweet Liempo sauce.

Pork Barbecue


Two sticks of soft, juicy pork, marinated and coated in a rich, tasty barbecue sauce.


Sizzling T-Bone Steak


A hearty cut of T-bone from the choicest Batangas beef, marinated in its succulent juices with soy sauce, garlic & butter, served piping-hot and sprinkled with bits of garlic on a sizzling plate.


Lumpiang Shanghai


Delicious pork spring rolls fried crispy golden-brown, served with a rich sweet and sour sauce.

Pork Chops


Prime cut pork, seasoned with Rufo’s special spices, carefully fried to a golden brown, while locking in its natural flavors.

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