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Beef Tapa Sandwich


Our iconic Rufo’s Famous Tapa, now in a sesame seed bun! Tender, juicy Batangas beef topped with farm fresh egg and Baguio lettuce. More famous than any American roast beef sandwich!

Rufo Burger


Juicy home-made beef pattie served with tomato, Baguio lettuce and lathered with our sweet, Asian-inspired Famous Sauce.  A perfect dish for people on the go!

Sizzling Crispy Chicken


Southern Fried Chicken cooked to a Pinoy-style juicy-crispiness, sizzling in home-made gravy and buttered vegetables.

Spaghetti Bola-Bola


A delicious symphony of native flavors and spices blended into a Filipino spaghetti sauce.  Sprinkled with grated cheese, and topped with chunky Pinoy meatballs over al dente pasta.

Tapa Pizza


Rufo’s Famous Tapa with strips of scrambled egg, and zesty tomato paste on two crispy thin slices!

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