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Chicken Tinola


Steaming Filipino chicken soup with a hint of ginger and locally-grown light spices. Rufo’s “Chicken Soup for the Pinoy Soul.”

Pinoy Beef Steak


Filipino-style beef steak, submerged in the flavors of soy, lemon, shallots with a tinge of freshly ground pepper.

Sizzling T-Bone Steak


A hearty cut of T-bone from the choicest Batangas beef, marinated in its succulent juices with soy sauce, garlic & butter, served piping-hot and sprinkled with bits of garlic on a sizzling plate.


Tokwa’t Baboy


Generous chunks of Tofu deep-fried with delicious pork slices and bathed in Rufo’s sweet, sour and spicy Tokwa Dressing.

Sizzling Pork Sisig


The Philippines’ favorite “pulutan”, contains the perfect blend of flavors and spices topped with farm fresh egg and served crackling in its own juices on a sizzling plate.

Sizzling Chicken Sisig


Finely chopped cubes of fresh, juicy chicken flavored with special spices, onions and seasonings is the healthier version of our “Pinoy Pulutan”. Served scorching hot on a sizzling plate with farm-fresh egg on top.



A flavorful Fil-oriental fusion of fresh garden vegetables, dried shrimp, chicken liver, sesame oil and spices.

Pork Sinigang


Prime pork spare ribs in ultra-sour tamarind soup with kangkong, onions and tomatoes.

Sinigang na Bangus


Fresh Dagupan milkfish swimming in sour sampalok soup with leafy vegetables and flavorful spices.

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